John Conroy


The T.A. and the Taliban

“Compelling, touching and an eye-opener… A lovely unobtrusive study of the relationship between men and their sons.” Broadcast Magazine

“The extraordinary drama of the documentary… is balanced by relatively workaday misfortunes suffered by the soldiers and by the simple yearning of a boy for his absent dad.  It’s also a stirring statement about human powers of recovery.” The Radio Times

“Simple, powerful stuff… The stories were heart-rending… enough to make even the most hardened militarist wonder what we are hoping to achieve in Afghanistan and if it can be worth all this blood and treasure.” The Daily Telegraph

I directed and filmed two stories for this series in Afghanistan; electrician George Moffit in the first programme and bouncer Kayley Wan in the fourth.   But before I could reach and film my third and fourth TA soldiers, I was shot in a Taliban ambush in Nahr-e-Saraj District along with three members of the 2nd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment.